Los Lunas Clean and Beautiful

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The Los Lunas Clean and Beautiful Program is a collective partnership between the business community, residents, volunteers and the Village of Los Lunas. Our mission is to empower individuals to take action that will improve their community environment; through beautification projects, graffiti removal, recycling initiatives and litter prevention.

Recycling Initiatives
Recycling Initiatives
Community Cleanup Projects
Community Cleanup Projects

Communities have built and maintained appealing public spaces, removed millions of pounds of trash from our landscape, recycled waste that would otherwise have ended up in landfills, and we educated youth about the value of clean, green and beautiful spaces.

Camelot Road Landscape Project 2013
Neighborhood Beautification
Summer Youth Work Program
Summer Youth Work Program

Properties in Your Neighborhood Need Attention?

Junk cars, weeds, accumulation of junk or trash is an eyesore and a violation of the Village Ordinance.

The Code Enforcement Division does routine patrols through neighborhoods and commercial areas in the Village limits year round; but we do not always see everything. If you would like to make a report, please contact the Code Enforcement Division via phone, email, or fill out the online Code Enforcement Complaint Form.

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Joshua Chavez
Assistant Solid Waste Supervisor
 (505) 352-7706