Alcohol Screening

How Much Is Too Much?

Is drinking alcohol harming my health now, or will it be harmful to me later in life? Should I stop drinking alcohol? Am I a binge drinker?

This is the intro to, helping you to answer questions regarding alcohol usage. The website offers a confidential screening tool. In addition, the site offers a wide range of alcohol-related health topics, including alcohol consumption guidelines, tips for teens and what to do if you know someone who has a problem.

The screening section of the site consists of 13 questions that are a modified version of the Alcohol Use Identification Test (AUDIT), which was created by the World Health Organization and is one of the most widely validated alcohol self-screening tools. Each user receives personalized feedback based on the brief-intervention model.

The site has been used by almost 600,000 people, who have completed nearly 300,000 screens. This site is free to everyone; please use this information at home and in your workplace. The DWI Program can be reached at (505) 352-7721 to assist with local resources.