Underage Drinking Taskforce

Underage Drinking Enforcement Program

The target of this program is underage consumers of alcohol beverages and adults/establishments who provide alcohol to underage persons.

Some examples of enforcement activities are:

  • Underage Operatives - underage person attempts to purchase alcohol from vendors
  • Shoulder Taps - an underage person under the surveillance of undercover officers approach adults to see if they are willing to purchase alcohol for the minor
  • Wolf Packs/Party Patrol - officers patrol remote areas for underage parties where alcohol is present along with responding specifically to party calls received by dispatch
  • Surveillance/Parking Lots - officers watch for underage persons attempting to procure alcohol outside a liquor establishment

Some examples of prevention activities are:

  • Retailer Education - officers provide educational information on current laws to establishments. Establishments are able to report concerns regarding underage persons, intoxicated persons, and altered identifications
  • School-Based Programs - officers educate youth about the dangers and consequences of underage drinking and driving at school assemblies, during lunch time activities and/or inside class rooms

A key element to the success of the Underage Taskforce is publicizing underage enforcement and prevention efforts and their results in order to reach a larger population and discourage adults from selling, purchasing and/or providing alcohol to teens while also preventing underage persons from drinking alcohol in the first place which prevents the many negative consequences/effects of underage drinking to include: death, risky sexual behavior, violence, school drop out, delinquency and a future that may include alcoholism.