Valencia County DWI Program


“Reduce the occurrence of drinking and driving including underage drinking in Valencia County through prevention/ education, enforcement, adjudications, sanctions and treatment.”


The Village of Los Lunas/Valencia County DWI Program (VLL/VC) is grant-funded through the Local DWI grant. The following is a list of the components and a brief overview of the services provided:

Alternative Sentencing
Clients who are sanctioned through the Court to have electronic monitoring/alcohol monitoring devices by way of a SCRAM bracelet, a Remote Breath hand-held device, and/or a GPS bracelet are required to contract directly with a Court approved provider.  

Compliance Program
Implemented in July 2012, the Misdemeanor Compliance Monitoring Program (MCMP) offers supervised probation services for those convicted of DWI offenses, alcohol-involved Domestic Violence offenses, and other alcohol-involved Misdemeanor offenses.  Random drug and alcohol testing is required as part of supervised probation and the DWI Program has an MOU with Argus Private Security Force LLC (APSF) to conduct line of site Urine Analysis collection from all clients being supervised through the MCMP.   Compliance Officers ensure that offenders comply fully with all court-ordered mandates and report any violations to the referring Judge for probation revocation and/or further disposition. The Village of Los Lunas/Valencia County DWI Misdemeanor Compliance Program received State Accreditation officially in July 2022.   

Coordination, Planning, and Evaluation
Coordinates all the programs listed, works with DWI Planning Council’s guidance for program planning, and is responsible for oversight and evaluation of all components.

Upon available funding, local law enforcement agencies are allocated funds to perform additional operations to include: Checkpoints, Underage Drinking Party Patrols, Compliance Checks, and Saturation Patrols.  Additionally, grant funding provides valuable equipment and training used in the detection, documentation, and prosecution of DWI, Underage Drinking, Sales to Minors, Social Host and/or providing alcohol to Minors.  Currently, all of the following law enforcement entities participate in the DWI Enforcement Program: Belen Police Department, Bosque Farms Police Department, Isleta Tribal Police Department, Los Lunas Police Department, New Mexico State Police, and Valencia County Sheriff’s Department.

Evidence-based substance abuse prevention programs and activities available throughout Valencia County for K-12th grades and other community agencies. Prevention-focused Community collaboration and coordination to address the risk and protective factors within Valencia County with the goals of increasing resiliency, health, and safety for our youth and entire community.

Individuals convicted of DWI in Valencia County are referred to the Village of Los Lunas Valencia County DWI Program for the completion of the state-mandated alcohol/drug screening (Impaired Driving Assessment (IDA)) by way of sentencing by the Magistrate Court judges, Divisions I, II, and III, and at times by the 13th Judicial District Court judges.  

The DWI Program offers an in-house, outpatient treatment program which fills a community gap of a disproportionate number of persons seeking treatment services and a limited number of substance abuse treatment providers. The Treatment program includes: client assessments, treatment plans, individual and group therapy, and auricular therapy. The auricular detoxification services provided is backed by both research and patrons utilizing this service and is deemed to be effective in treatment of anxiety and cravings.  Our Licensed Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor (LADAC) is bi-lingual.


  • Reduce the occurrence and negative consequences of DWI and Underage Drinking.
  • Reduce recidivism rates of DWI.
  • Work closely with law enforcement, local judicial entities, District Attorney’s office, drug court, and local treatment providers to increase positive prosecution rates for alcohol-related offenses to include DWI while collaborating with agencies providing offender services to ensure the best possible outcomes to include compliance with court-ordered sanctions and reduced recidivism rates.
  • Collaborate with local providers of alternative sentencing services/alcohol monitoring to decrease costs of incarceration and to increase the ability of the offender to remain or become gainfully employed while serving their sentence.
  • Decrease risk factors while increasing resiliency factors for all Valencia County residents in order to provider a safer, healthier place for all to live, work, and visit.
  • Implement evidence-based prevention practices, programs, and policies that decrease substance misuse, underage drinking, binge drinking, and DWI.  
  • Create and maintain community involvement through the DWI Planning Council and through participation within other community boards/coalitions to work collaboratively towards the health, safety, and wellness of the community as a whole.  
  • Improve existing programs through professional process and outcome evaluation.
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  1. Valencia County DWI Program

    Physical Address
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  2. Ginny Adame, DWI Program Coordinator

    Ginny Adame

    DWI Coordinator

  3. Lori Kurtz

    Compliance Coordinator