DWI Prevention and Enforcement

Local DWI ProgramOperation No DWI

One of the DWI Prevention component’s responsibilities is to increasing knowledge and awareness regarding the dangers of underage drinking and DWI. This is accomplished through information dissemination, and community/school presentations. Additionally, the prevention message is delivered hand-in-hand with the Underage Drinking Task Force and local Law Enforcement

The Enforcement component mission is to reduce the incidents of DWI related injuries and deaths. We assist local law enforcement through administrative assistance, resource center, training opportunities and equipment purchases.

Community DWI Program

The funds for the Community DWI (CDWI) program are generated by the collection of a $75.00 prevention fee that is paid by DWI offenders. The money is then collected by the Traffic Safety Bureau and applied for in grant form by each community. Each year the amount of the grant will vary depending on the fee’s collected

Some of the components that are currently funded are prevention, enforcement and public information and education. Programs such as; the Underage Drinking Task Force, Special Investigations Division Underage Drinking Certification Training, Check Points and equipment used to combat and detect DWI are funded through the CDWI grant.

Local law enforcement agencies participating in this grant are: Belen Police Department, Bosque Farms Police Department, Isleta Tribal Police Department, Los Lunas Police Department, Los Lunas School Resource Officers, New Mexico State Police and the Valencia County Sheriffs Department. This grant is administered by the DWI Coordinator along with the Enforcement Coordinator.