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Los Lunas Police Department Online Interest Form (recruiting)

  1. Which position are you applying for?*
  2. All of the questions below must be answered or this interest form will not be processed. An application must be completed when positions become available. If you answer yes to any inquiry, you must explain on comments section.
  3. U.S. Citizen:*
  4. Are you at least 21 or over?*
  5. High School Diploma:*
  6. G.E.D.*
  7. Any Felony Convictions?*
  8. Any DWI Arrests in the last 3 years?*
  9. Any Misdemeanor Arrests in the last 3 years?*
  10. Ever convicted of Domestic Violence?*
  11. Previous Application?*
  12. Military Service?*
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