What is the Library's mission?

The Los Lunas Public Library system provides resources for learning and leisure to build communities and improve lives in the community. We provide educated, professional, knowledgeable, friendly service by providing access to the information that people and organizations need in a timely convenient and equitable manner.

Our branch library, the Museum of Heritage & Arts, connects the present generation to the history of Los Lunas, surrounding communities and the State of New Mexico, inspiring a deeper appreciation and understanding of the area’s rich heritage. The Museum accomplishes this by providing exhibitions and programs that enable its users to understand and learn from the past in ways that enrich their present lives and help them shape a better future.

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1. What is the Library's mission?
2. How do I get a library card?
3. How long can I check items out for?
4. Does the library charge over due fines?
5. Where is the library located?