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The Village of Los Lunas is located in Central New Mexico and, more specifically, in the north-central section of Valencia County, about a 25-minute drive south of Albuquerque. The Village was initially established in the mid-17th century by Spanish settlers: it later became the county seat of Valencia County in 1876, and 52 years later, in 1928, it was incorporated as a municipality with only 466 residents. Historically, the Village was an agricultural community and once the center of the local dairy industry, while hay and alfalfa were the area’s two main forage products.

Village Council
-Mayor Charles GriegoMayor Information
District 1Councilor Christopher OrtizCouncilor Information
District 2Councilor Gino Romero
Councilor Information
District 3Councilor Cruz Munoz
Councilor Information
District 4
Councilor James Runyon
Councilor Information
Village Hall Information
Village Administrator Gregory D. Martin
Village Hall Address660 Main St. NW, Los Lunas, NM 87031
Village Hall Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 5:00pm (Except Village Holidays)
Village Hall Phone 505-839-3840

Valencia County

Valencia County is populated by several communities. Incorporated areas are the Village of Los Lunas, Village of Bosque Farms, Town of Peralta, City of Belen, and City of Rio Communities. Unincorporated areas include Tomé, Adelino, Meadow Lake, El Cerro, Valencia, El Cerro Mission, Las Maravillas, and a few others. According to the 2010 US Decennial Census, the population of Valencia County was 76,569, and the American Community Survey estimated population for 2015 was 75,737.

Based on 2011-2015 American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates, the median household of Valencia County is $41,703 - the 8th highest in the state. Los Alamos county ($101,934), Sandoval county ($58,982), Lea county ($57,533), Eddy county ($56,618), and Santa Fe county ($54,315) have the 1st through 5th highest median household incomes in NM, respectively. 


In New Mexico all tangible personal and real property is subject to an ad valorem tax which is assessed by each county at the rate of 33.33% of value. Gross receipts (sales) tax are: Los Lunas and Belen are 8.3125%, Bosque Farms is 8.1875% and Valencia County, 6.875%.

Gross receipts tax is paid according to where an item is purchased. Purchased in Los Lunas then 8.3125%; purchased in Valencia County then 6.875%. New Mexico levies a tax on the net income of every resident or nonresident employed or engaged in the transaction of business in, into or from the state.

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