Village of Los Lunas Dance Now Studio

Registration opens May 8th, 2023 at 8a   

Space is very limited!  Click HERE to register.

Classes will be taught by Instructors Blake Wortman and Cristina Smith. (June 2023- May 2024). 

All classes will be tach at the Fred Luna Multi-Generational Facility to begin, halfway through the year we will be looking at moving this program to our new Daniel Fernandez Facility.

Beg Acro- learning the basics and fundamentals of tumbling/gymnastics. Basic skills such as forward/backward rolls, handstands, and cartwheels are taught. As well strengthening, flexibility, and body control are introduced. Progressing to more complex skills such as round-offs, backbends, etc. 


Intm/Adv. Acro- must have basic skills including backbend that are taught in beginners acro to be accepted in this class. More advanced skills are introduced such as front/back walkovers, back handsprings, aerials, and much more. All while strengthening our muscles, increasing flexibility, and working on body control. 


3-4 Jazz/Hip-Hop Trans- we will have 25 minutes of the class focused on jazz dance, and 25 minutes focused on hip-hop. They will learn basic jazz and hip-hop skills while also learning different dance combinations. This is a fun and upbeat class. 


Parent/tot- be hands-on with your toddler in their learning experience. This class provides dancing, gymnastics, games, simple obstacle courses, and a fun time with mom/dad/guardian. Children are welcome from ages 1-3 do not need to be potty trained. 


3-4 Ballet- we will introduce basic ballet techniques while expanding their experience with movement and placement.


5-7 Ballet- the goal is for children to experience the joy of dance while enriching their skills.  This level focuses on introducing movement and musical foundations for ballet and dance while using creativity and entertaining concepts. Basic ballet techniques will be taught and expressed throughout the class.


8-12 Jazz- we will incorporate ballet technique and skills into a more upbeat, expressive style of dance. It is a high-energy dance style that separates from traditional ballet while also using techniques such as turns, leaps, and jumps.


8-12 Ballet- dancers will be learning the fundamentals of ballet: developing posture, balance, jumps, turns, flexibility, and coordination. Gradually we start including the essential elements and coordination of ballet steps. While dancers are getting accustomed to a deeper focus on ballet technique, we immerse the class with the creative elements of imagination, musicality, improvisation, and self-expression. This way, students learn the joy and the discipline of this beautiful art form all at once.


5-7 Hip-Hop- this class will provide an introduction to a rhythmic, upbeat, and fast-paced style of dancing. Simple stalls, tricks, jumps, and body movements will be included.


8-12 Hip-Hop- this class will focus on connecting body movement to different beats and rhythms in music. Stalls, tricks, jumps will be taught. It provides dancers to express themselves in a fast paced, upbeat environment while learning different hip hop combinations. 

Start Dates dance

All classes will be held at the Fred Luna Multi-generational Center.

Parents will be expected to drop off their children and wait in their vehicles, or come back at the end of class to pick them up. 

  1. Issac Sanchez

    Recreation Coordinator

  2. Angelina Martinez

    Recreation Specialist

  3. Matthew Jaramillo

    Recreation Supervisor

  4. Jazmin Peralta

    Recreation Assistant