Off Highway Vehicle Training

 The Village of Los Lunas
Open Space Division 
along with
   New Mexico Game & Fish

Will be conducting an Off Highway Vehicle Training
The Los Lunas River Park

New Mexico requires anyone under 18 to obtain a safety permit prior to operating an OHV on public lands.

To participate in OHV Training & Obtain Permit You MUST Have:

  • Registered OHV
  • OHV size and age appropriate
  • Safety gear
  • Parent must be present during entire training


ATV/OHV's are NOT provided

Safety Training course include:

  • Age Approriate Size Fit & Use of OHVs
  • Responsible Use of OHVs related to environment, private property, agricultural, cultural and rural lifestyle and considerations
  • Operating Laws
  • Trail Etiquette
  • Prohibitions for Driving Under the Influence


OHV Training

For More Information Contact:

Matt Seidel - OHV Program Manager

Office: (505) 222-4727
LL Open Space

 NM Game and Fish