Fitness Center

Located inside Daniel Fernandez Recreation Center our Fitness Center includes one bench press, two Smith machines, leg extension attachments, cable crossover, leg press, assortment of curl bars and dumb bells.

For the cardio lover we now offer four treadmills, two elliptical machines, and one stationary bicycle. An assortment of hydraulic equipment to work your entire core is also available.

If you are uncertain how to operate the equipment, our staff will be able to assist you with any questions.

We also offer

Fitness Cards

which can be used for all activities we charge for at the Center. More information is available at the front desk.

*No one under the age of 14 is allowed in Fitness Center at any time.

*Athletic apparel must be worn. No street apparel such as boots, jeans (pants or shorts), sandals, or flip flops will be allowed

For more information call 352-7661.