Summer Concert Series

Summer 2021 will consist of a summer concert series at the Badlands Drive In!  Click HERE to purchase tickets!  Tickets for all shows will cost $40/vehicle, or $10/person as a walk in, no vehicle.  Food trucks will also be on site.  

June 5th - Right On, Kid & Reviva, featuring the movie Almost Famous 

July 10th - Sarah Rowe & Tylor Brandon, featuring the movie Walk the Line 

August 7th - El Gringo and Daniel Solis Band, featuring the movie Young Guns 

September 11th - Right On, Kid & Red Light Cameras, featuring the movie Dazed and Confused 

Click HERE to view the upcoming movies at the Badlands Drive In


  1. Marcos Castillo

    Recreation Supervisor

  2. Brittany Armijo

    Recreation Specialist

  3. Jorge Venegas

    Sports Coordinator

  4. Matthew Jaramillo

    Recreation Aide