Water Conservation Information

The Village of Los Lunas has been working on water conservation for several years; we have listed information about Water Conservation as well as the several partnerships we have established over the years.

Los Lunas is located in a desert, in a typical year; we receive less than nine inches of rain a year. That’s not enough to keep our grass green and lush, nor is it enough to enable plants to flourish and flower.

Los Lunas Community Development Department has information about new landscape housing development standards, as well as subdivision regulations and commercial development.

Central Control System
The Parks Division has installed a Rain Master Central Control System in 16 of the 17 parks. The purpose of a central control system is to allow a central location or PC the ability to automatically program and control all aspects of the field irrigation controllers regardless of where they may be located.

When combined with weather sensing instrumentation, the central can determine the daily evapo-transpiration (ET) rate, and adjust irrigation schedules appropriately by downloading new irrigation programs to the field controllers (called satellites) every day.

Water savings can therefore be achieved by precisely computing the amount of water which plants require (as a function of the weather and other factors). In addition to the control, the central PC can communicate with the controllers to determine when maintenance-related activities must be performed (i.e. replacement of broken pipes, station field wiring, etc.)

Finally, the central control system shall provide suitable reports in order to manage all aspects of central operations.