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New Mexico Navy

New Mexico is one of the most arid, landlocked states in the United States. It is, therefore, surprising that 95 U.S. Navy, Coast Guard, and Merchant Marine vessels have been named after noteworthy people and geographic features in this largely desert state. John Taylor’s book, New Mexico’s Navy, details these ships, namesakes, images, and histories. Now John has worked with the Los Lunas Museum of Heritage & Arts to honor these vessels and the men and women that called them home.

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USS New Mexico BB-40

by Richard Melzer and John Taylor 

Richard Melzer and John Taylor discuss their book on the USS New Mexico BB-40, which participated in both WWI and WWII.

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The New Mexico Navy 

by John Taylor

Historian John Taylor talks about his book, New Mexico's Navy that features 95 U.S. Navy, Coast Guard, AND Merchant Marine vessels that have been named after noteworthy people and geographic features in this largely desert state. Click on the link above or the picture below to view the recording of his presentation. 

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The 8th annual juried art show:

“2020 Celebrations of New Mexico”

To view all juried art go to: 

Museum of Heritage and Arts Facebook 

After Party - laura sanchez


Presenting the Los Lunas Museum's 2019 Juried Art Show Winner's Exhibit.  Winner Marilyn Drake was awarded her own private show. The Los Lunas juried Art Show is virtual this year due to COVID. Enjoy her work.


The Los Lunas Museum of Heritage and Arts hosted an online art contest, “The Conform Project: Creating a Historical Art Piece While in Quarantine,” from home.

The winners for the Conform Project are:


• First Place: “Resilience” by Jeremiah Bahe, of Mentmore, N.M.

2nd Place  Wayne Bodmer

• Second Place: “Isolation/Depression” by Wayne Bodmer, of Rio Rancho

3rd Place  Jenna Pressley

• Third Place: “Life in Radiology” by Jenna Pressley, of Advance, Ind.

Three People’s Choice winners:

People Choice  Gerardo Contreras Castro

• “Thank You For Saving my Life” by Gerardo Castro, of Los Lunas

People Choice  Amaria Avila (1)

• “First Responder, COVID-19 Prayers” by Amaris Avila, of Belen


• “Wash Your Hands” by Julia Rangel, of Los Lunas.

Prizes included gift cards, such as $100 for first place, $75 for second, $50 for third, and $25 for most Facebook likes.

All entries are displayed on the museum’s Facebook page.

The judges of the contest were the staff of the Valencia County News-Bulletin, Brent Thomas, an art teacher at Valencia High School; Carrie Ryan, a teacher at Los Lunas High School; and Doris Karney, a local gallery owner.

The Los Lunas Museum of Heritage and Arts will hold an exhibit of all the COVID-19 art submissions at the beginning of 2021.

More than 145 artists submitted their work, including from TACL students.